Part L Pack

Part L Water Treatment Pack

Premium treatment for domestic hot water & central heating systems

The latest building regulations (1st April 2014), stipulate that measures must be taken to maximise system efficiency and circulation in domestic hot water systems. These include a range of treatment and collection methods.

We have put together a simple pack which will provide the most effective options for complying with Part L.

Pack Includes:

  • Magnetic Filter (22mm or 28mm available)
  • BM1 Central Heating System Inhibitor (BuildCert Approved)
  • BM3 Central Heating System Cleaner
  • Electrolytic Scale Reducer (15mm)*

A complete pack to help comply with Part L of the latest Building Regulations 

* Whilst it is good practice to fit an Electrolytic Scale Reducer in every installation, these are only mandatory in areas where mains water hardness exceeds 200 parts per million.