Electrolytic Scale Reducer (ESR)

Premium Protection Against Limescale

Boilermag ESR
  • Minimises limescale deposition
  • Improves boiler efficiency and lifespan
  • Part L compliant*
  • Simple installation
  • Fit and forget – zero maintenance
  • 10 bar working pressure
  • One-year replacement guarantee
  • Suitable for 15mm and 22mm pipe

*Part  L of the Building Regulations (1/4/14) states that where mains water hardness exceeds 200ppm the water in the hot water circuit must be treated to reduce the rate of limescale deposition and, in doing so, maintain energy efficiency. As specified in the Domestic Services Compliance Guide, an Electrolytic Scale Reducer is the most efficient treatment method.

For high performance filtration see the Boilermag Domestic.