Water Testing

Fast & Efficient Water Quality Testing Service

Our fast, hassle-free water testing service provides vital data for installers, contractors and facilities management companies. The data ensures that optimum treatment programs can be implemented, thereby protecting the boiler and enhancing heating system performance.

Our state-of-the-art testing laboratory uses advanced optical and chemical testing techniques to provide information on the following:-

  • Scale forming capacity
  • Levels of corrosion inhibitor present
  • Any contaminants present
  • Analysis of Acidity, Alkalinity and Conductivity

For more information on the following please visit our chemical bottle pages which include the BM1 Central Heating System Inhibitor and the BM3 Central Heating System Cleaner

Pick up a test kit from a Boilermag outlet then send your water sample to our associate laboratory. Results are emailed to you within four days of receipt.