History of Eclipse Magnetics

Over 100 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

At Eclipse Magnetics we are very proud of our history and heritage, BoilerMag is the latest of many ground-breaking innovations over our 100 year history. Eclipse Magnetics has a rich history as a pioneer in applying magnetic technology to the challenges of industry.  We began life as part of the James Neill Steel Company in 1889 producing composite steel for hacksaw blades. In 1914 we were approached by the British government to produce magnets for engines to support the war effort – and so the magnetic journey began.

After the war we continued to produce magnets under the Eclipse brand and in 1934 invented the worlds’ first permanent magnetic chuck. The late 1940’s saw the launch of the, now world famous, Eclipse Magnetics “Red” range of magnets and pot magnets, this range was later to be extended to include a range of magnetic tools. In 1960 the Premier range of magnetic chucks was launched, firmly establishing Eclipse as the world leader in workholding systems.

The 1990’s saw major expansion with the establishment of our Magnetic Technologies division and the acquisition of Magnacut Ltd, a magnet materials processing company. These developments paved the way for the launch of our range of magnetic separation systems in the mid 1990’s, which today set the benchmark for quality and reliability.

The Launch of Boilermag

In 2005 we unveiled our high intensity range of industrial filters was launched and set new performance standards in industrial fluid filtration. Since then we have become the world leader in this field. We also produced our first high performance industrial heating system filter which has set the design standard in the market.

In 2006 we moved our operation to new modern facilities in Sheffield, which is the current site of our head office and technical centre. Our latest innovation, BoilerMag, was launched in 2012. This followed years of research and testing of magnetic extraction and fluid flow characteristics. Eclipse Magnetics has seen great change since 1889, but rest assured our core values of innovation, quality and customer focus remain central to our future success.