BoilerMag Magnetic Boiler Filter ‘A Dream to Fit’ for Nottingham Plumbing and Heating Engineers

D & L Plumbing & Heating Engineers in Nottingham has described the domestic heating system magnetic boiler filters Boilermag as “a dream to fit” after installing the magnetic filter part L kit in their latest boiler fit.

Off the Shelf Kit to Comply with Part L Amendment

Managing Director Dave Harding was pleased to find that he was able to buy a simple off the shelf kit with everything needed to comply with the Part L amendment of the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide, all in one box. He said: “I have recently started installing BoilerMags; they are a great quality product for a very reasonable price. The BoilerMag in my latest installation was an absolute dream to fit!”

Maintaining the Efficiency and Reliability of a Central Heating System

As from the 6th April 2014, the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide Part L regulations were amended to suggest that a filter should be fitted to a central heating circuit in order to help maintain the efficiency and reliability of a central heating system.

magnetic-boiler-filter-part-l-packEclipse Magnetics’ sturdy magnetic filter BoilerMag is a popular market leading magnetic filter that removes virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale on first pass. It offers major benefits to heating systems including fast and easy installation and a no block guarantee. The part L pack also includes a Chemical Inhibitor and Cleaner and an Electrolytic scale reducer.

Without a magnetic filter, debris from a heating system can cause blockages in the boiler. This results in breakdowns, reduced efficiency and lifespan, poor performance and cold spots on radiators.

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