Premium Protection Against Corrosion & Scale

The BoilerMag range includes high performance chemicals for heating system protection  and cleaning. They play a vital role in controlling and removing iron, calcium and other debris such as excess flux.

It is important that systems are protected using high performance, appropriately tested and accredited chemicals. Sub-standard chemical treatment may lead to problems such as:-

  • Inefficient boiler performance
  • Excessive energy costs
  • Premature boiler failure
  • Regular maintenance and repair costs
  • Corroding radiators leading to pin-hole leaks
  • Leaking and noisy pumps
  • Radiator cold spots
  • Excessive boiler noise

For more information on complete protection from the above, please see our chemicals as well as the Part L regulation pack below.

BM1 Inhibitor

Data Sheet
BM3 Cleaner

Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Does your dosage fit inside the filter chamber because others do not have the capacity and spill over?

A.) Yes, our chemical bottles are compatible with all leading boiler types and are ideal for any sealed or vented systems.

 Q.) Is your chemical certified?

A.) Yes our chemicals are BuildCert approved in accordance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

 Q.) Do you provide a specific power flush cleaner?

A.) Actually, due to the strength of our BM3, it can also be used as a power flushing agent.

 Q.) Does your chemical have phosphate in?

A.) No – it would not potentially damage pump bearings.