BM1 Hydronic System Inhibitor

The BM1 is a high performance formula used in many properties. It maintains heating efficiency by preventing scale formulation and metal corrosion, without any detrimental effects upon plastic or rubber plumbing components such as seals.

The Borate/Phosphate free BM1 formula provides outstanding heating system protection with none of the adverse effects associated with traditional protection products.

  • Outstanding, long lasting protection
  • Maintains heating efficiency
  • Compatible with all leading boiler types (including aluminum heat exchangers)
  • Prevents radiator cold spots and boiler damage
  • Phosphate and Borate free formula
  • Nitrate/EDTA free formula – prevents metal corrosion
  • Build Cert approved
  • Ideal for sealed or vented systems
  • A single Pint (500ml) treats 25 Gallons
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Use in conjunction with a BoilerMag magnetic filter
BM1 Inhibitor Brochure
BM1 Inhibitor Instructions

BM1 Level Indicator Test Strip

The BM1 dip test strips are a simple, cost effective check for levels of BM1 Inhibitor in the system.

By simply dip testing a BM1 test strip in a sample of system water, the engineer can check if the Inhibitor concentration is optimized at both pre and post dosage stages.

During the test, the strip indicated a colour coded reaction. Simply match the colour to the BM1 level indicator chart which will indicate if more BM1 should be applied.

Bm1 test strip bottle