BM3 Hydronic System Cleaner

Developed by one of the world’s leading chemical laboratories, the Phosphate-free BM3 formula provides premium system cleaning performance.

The BM3 formula delivers superior system cleaning results and, by using the BM3 test strips, allows the service engineer to get a detailed reading of cleaner levels in the system.

  • Premier, fast acting formula
  • Excellent Limescale and Iron Oxide dispersal rates
  • Compatible with all flushing equipment
  • Ideal for sealed or vented systems
  • A Pint (500ml) bottle cleans 25 Gallons
  • Easy application, system can be left running during cleaning
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Use in conjunction with a BoilerMag magnetic filter and BM1 Inhibitor to maximize heating efficiency
BM3 Cleaner Brochure
BM3 Cleaner Instructions

BM3 Level Indicator Test Strip

The BM3 dip test strips are simple, cost effective check for levels of BM3 Cleaner in the system.

By simply dip testing a BM3 test strip in system water, the engineer can check whether:

  • Cleaner dosage levels are sufficient for an effective flush
  • If the flush has been successful or should be repeated

Simply match the colour to the BM3 level indicator chart