Commercial BoilerMag XT

Commercial Heating System Protection

BoilerMag XT

Ideal for large heating systems, BoilerMag XT prevents the build-up of iron oxide (black sludge) and scale in hydronic heating systems, reducing energy bills, increasing boiler life and reducing maintenance call outs.

Utilizing our high performance full flow technology , BoilerMag XT ensures that virtually 100% of unwanted debris is removed from the system.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Maintains optimum heating performance
  • Range available from 1.5” to 12”
  • Operating pressure up to 174 PSI
  • High intensity magnetic rods capture even the smallest particles
  • Large collection capacity
  • Comes with BoilerMag 10 year warranty
  • No on-going running costs
  • Premium quality manufacture
  • Automatic air vent
  • Full flow filter
BoilerMagXT – The full flow filter

BoilerMagXT is a full flow filter, which filters 100% of the water on a single pass.

A full flow filter is fitted in-line within the main circulation, hence 100% of system water passes through it. This allows the BoilerMagXT to extract all the black sludge with first pass efficiency

It is vital that magnetite is extracted immediately from the circulation before it reaches the boiler. The side stream method is a risky option as magnetite can be left to circulate several times before being captured, in the meantime potentially causing damage to the system.

For 1½” connections see BoilerMag XL

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