The BoilerMag range gives high performance at cost effective prices , here  are just a few of our many  satisfied customers:

Engineering Manager  – Sheffield Northern General Hospital

“BoilerMag is a crucial element in maintaining our optimum heating efficiency, it also provides excellent protection for our heating system components”

Jonathan Rees, LJR Heating Services

“BoilerMag is second to none and saved us a bundle of time with its ease of installation”

Allan Chambers, BPEC Gas Assessor at Swindon College

“We will definitely be using Boilermag again, it was easy to install and the results ere immediately visible to the homeowner”

Nicol Leishman, Site Engineer , Gartnavel Royal Hospital

“Since fitting a BoilerMag we have seen great improvements in heating performance, we would recommend fitting a good quality magnetic filter on all heating systems”

Peter Aird, Branch Manager ,HPS Portsmouth

“In the short time we have stocked BoilerMag we have had great interest, installers are impressed by the product presentation and the ease of installation and servicing, which saves precious time in their day”

Wayne Bell, Maintenance Manager , Cambridge University

“We will be installing BoilerMagXTs on our next phase of refurbishment, I would recommend the units to other installers and maintenance teams”

Wayne Fowler, Heating Engineer, Samtech Mechanical Services

“We were very impressed by BoilerMag’s ease of fit, the magnet performance compares favourably against other types of filter we have used. It also removed a load of non-magnetic stuff from the system”

Dale Hague , Gastec approved installer

“BoilerMag is easy to fit – all the connections are included and it only took 20 minutes to fit, it certainly works – after just 45 minutes it had removed a load of magnetite and this was from a supposedly clean system”

Vince Mann, Operations Manager , IAC Services – (responsible for Holiday Inn hotels)

“The results clearly speak for themselves, thanks to BoilerMag we now have a system which is running efficiently with improved water flow to  areas of the hotel which were previously a problem”

Mr Omar Nicholls, UK Property and Maintenance Manager , QMH UK Ltd

“We were so impressed by the BoilerMag trial we bought the unit complete with all the connections”

Paul Hull , owner , PR Hull Heating

“We were instantly impressed by BoilerMag, it was easy to fit and has an excellent collection capacity”