BoilerMag Works with Efficiency East Midlands to Support Apprentice Plumbers

eem logoBoilerMag has teamed up with Efficiency East Midlands (EEM) to offer free toolkits to apprentices installing BoilerMag filters, available through EEM via branches of Plumbing Trade Supplies (PTS).

High Quality Plumbers Toolkits

The Eclipse tools branded plumbers tool kits include an adjustable wrench, water pump pliers, locking pliers, leader pattern wrench, utility knife, screwdriver set, pipe slicers and a hacksaw. This comprehensive kit made up of high quality tools is the perfect kit for any apprentice plumber, and will stand them in great stead for a successful career.

Efficiency East Midlands

The BoilerMag products, including the domestic boiler filter, Part L treatment packs, inhibitor chemicals, cleaner chemicals and electrolytic scale reducers are now listed in the EEM catalogue, and fully available to EEM members. This not for profit organisation offers efficiency savings for the public sector and all public sector bodies including councils, housing associations and universities.