Installation Gallery

This BoilerMag was installed on a brand new system filled with inhibited glycol. This is just one month after installation! The customer said “these things are AWESOME”.

Thanks to Jaytech and Greg Hoekstra for sharing

Location: Missouri

This BoilerMag XT was installed in a school built in the 1960’s. The school was being repurposed as a ministry outreach and daycare. The old water tube boiler failed and needed to be replaced.  All of the piping in the building is approximately 60 years old.  3 new high efficiency firetube boilers were installed.

Thanks to Pete Zandstra from Grand Mechanical Solutions for sharing!

Location: Brantford, Ontario

BoilerMagXT installed in an old School house from the turn of the century. The majority of the piping in the system is very old cast iron and some of the radiators were filled with sludge.  The new boiler is a firetube. Grand Mechanical Solutions wanted to protect the internal components and the heat exchanger so they installed a BoilerMagXT.

Thanks to Pete Zandstra from Grand Mechanical Solutions for sharing!

Location: Ancaster, Ontario

Condensate Installation of a BMXT/3 at a Midwest Hospital Location.

Thanks, Adam Campo from Jaytech Water Solutions and Greg Hoekstra from Blackmore & Glunt for sharing!

Location: Southern Illinois

Install photo of two BMXT/2 units, each protect a condensing hot water boiler in a dormitory at a private university in southern Illinois.

Thanks, Adam Campo from Jaytech Water Solutions for sharing!

Location: Southern Illinois

6″ BoilerMagXT installed by Jaytech Inc. in a hospital in Missouri.

Thanks, Greg Hoekstra (Blackmore & Glunt) for sharing!

Location: Missouri

One of the employees at Frontier Supply had to unexpectedly replace his boiler at home. Since he was upgrading to a high efficiency boiler, another employee at Frontier Supply recommended a BoilerMag to protect the new boiler from premature damage.

Thanks, Glenn Evans (CHC Hydronics) and John Hunter (Frontier Supply) for sharing!

Location: Alaska

BM/R paired with a cartridge filter housing to first pull out magnetite then non-magnetic debris on a hot water loop in a elementary school.

Thanks, Adam Campo from Jaytech Water Solutions for sharing

Location: Southern Illinois

Check out the contamination that this BM/R was able to collect! The BoilerMag was installed on a 1,600 Gallon Heat Recovery System and after 21 days, was serviced for the first time. Since installing the BoilerMag, water clarity has continuously improved.

Thanks, Jaytech inc. for sharing!

Location: USA

What’s circulating through your boiler system? Black sludge, also known as iron oxide, is the number one cause for boiler system failure. Protect it your system with the industry’s leading filter, BoilerMag.

Thanks for sharing, Buddy Felt

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Jay Wynder knows the importance of using a BoilerMag magnetic filter!

Check out his latest install!

Location: Alberta, Canada

Beckmanns VVS & Engergitekink knows firsthand, that adding a BoilerMag increases the useful lifespan of existing boilers and increases overall efficiency

Jönköping, Sweden

“The boiler runs with two zones and turbo max for 5 minutes. When I opened the filter I was shocked at how much dirt the magnet caught” – Joe Buzik, JPS Mechanical

Location: Brooklyn, New York

See how Trust 1 Services used BoilerMag to protect this system from contamination.

Location: Quincy, Massachusetts

Anthony Mound from Trust 1 Services knows the importance of using a  BoilerMag full flow magnetic filter!

Location: Quincy, Massachusetts

After being introduced to BoilerMag by Terry Thibodeau, of Thomas Industrial Sales, Kenmac Energy they knew that installing a BoilerMag would be the perfect addition to protect newly installed equipment.

Location: Cornwall, PEI, Canada

The project was a unique challenge at a farm in Cornwall. They converted an open loop system, serving two homes, to a closed loop pressurized system. The old boiler was a 15+ year old barley burner made locally by Vince Court at Grove Wood Heat.

Location: Cornwall, PEI, Canada

Pompetti Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.  knows that BoilerMag is a vital component when installing a complete heating system. They recently completed a project for a multi-unit apartment building located in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.

Location: Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, USA

A USPS facility in Minnesota is our latest client to install the ChillerMag full flow filter. Fourmation Sales, the BoilerMag Rep in Minnesota, recommended the ChillerMag for the project as the ideal safeguard against sludge build up and system inefficiencies.

Location: Minnesota, USA

The client required the ChillerMag to be placed on a 12” line. An order of this magnitude required a custom solution to facilitate servicing. The ChillerMag filter was split into two halves, allowing the magnet assembly to be pulled one half at a time for ease of cleaning.

Location: Minnesota, USA

Grand Mechanical Solutions inc’s  latest installation was on an older house in Brantford, Ontario with piping that was almost 100 years old. Old, degraded piping was contributing to contaminants that were reducing the efficiency of the boiler system.

Location: Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Sludge is formed by a build up of different materials in your piping, such as: loose corrosion products, insoluble mineral precipitate, and oils. The build up of sludge can cause the system to fail. BoilerMag works in tandem with our system chemical solutions in order to clean and inhibit future sludge buildup.

Location: Brantford, Ontario, Canada

This picture shows how much contaminant was captured from the BoilerMag BM/R after 2 system flushes.

Location: Brantford, Ontario, Canada

This install from Gasline Heating was to save an old classic system. After installing a BoilerMag residential filter, the boiler is now working as good as new.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

“I’ve used BoilerMag filters for a long time and find that they catch metallic and non-metallic contaminants really well.” – Philip, Gasline Heating

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Philip from Gasline Heating, knew that the BoilerMag residential filter will help keep this system like-new for years to come.

Location: Dublin, Ireland 

Lancashire Care Home is ready for winter with BoilerMagXL

Location: Heysham, Lancashire

It’s clear why BoilerMag is trusted by professional plumbers such as Jay Wynder. After running for only four days, check out what BoilerMag was able to capture!

Location: Alberta, Canada

“The best part of the BoilerMag is that cleaning out the filter takes just minutes and I am always shocked to see what the magnet stops from entering the boiler.”- Andrew Smith, The BoilerSmith

Location: Eastern Massachusetts

Look what this BoilerMag was able to capture after only two weeks of operation. Thanks, JayWynder for sharing

Location: Southern Alberta

“I love BoilerMag! This was a brand-new install and the amount of sediment and impurities pulled from the water was crazy”-Jay.

Location: Southern Alberta

Check out what Anthony Mound from Mound Mechanical has to say about BoilerMag ““We believe it should be a standard on all high efficiency equipment.”- Anthony


Location: Quincy, Massachusetts 

Anthony knows first hand the damage that contaminants can do circulating through a system “I added the filter to protect the boiler from the old metals and anything in the system that can harm the boiler”

Location: Quincy, Massachusetts

Verne Simmonds Co., shows how much sludge was pulled from a freshly cleaned, flushed, and inhibited system with less than a week of circulation. 

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Verne Simmons Co. knows firsthand, that adding a BoilerMag increases the useful lifespan of existing boilers and increases overall efficiency

Omaha, Nebraska

Mechanical Hub knows the importance of using a BoilerMag magnetic filter!

Location: USA

Little Brook Apartments Install of 2 wall hung Lochinvar boilers and and indirect water heater. Thanks Fluid Industrial Associates, INC. for sharing! 

Location: Frederick, Maryland

Check out this clean installation of four Lochinvar, LLC FTX850’s, BoilerMag XT, and Bell & Gossett e-1510’s servicing an apartment building.

Thanks Fluid Industrial Associates, INC. for sharing! 

Location: Springfield, MA.

“When it comes to choosing the right magnet for the job, BoilerMag is the clear choice.” – Buddy Felt, Gem Plumbing & Heating Services LLC

Learn more about the install 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Image # 2 from Gem Plumbing & Heating Services LLC

Check out the contamination the BoilerMag XT collected after only 8 hours of operation!

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Image # 3 from Gem Plumbing & Heating Services LLC

This is the second time the BoilerMag XT serviced, 4 days after the install

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Imagine the damage this would do circulating through your pipes.. Thanks CHC for sharing.

Location: Hayward, California

If you’re wondering how much black sludge a BoilerMag can remove from your heating system, here’s one in action!

Thanks for sharing, DAB Centrum Vode Rozumieme!

Location: Galanta, Slovak Republic

Image #2 from DAB Centrum Vode Rozumieme

Yes, there is a BoilerMag underneath all that sludge!

Check out this install from GEM Mechanical Services, Inc. Since being installed this past fall, the BoilerMag was cleaned three times, the latest being photographed! Thanks, Gem Mechanical Services, Inc. for showing your work!

Location: Brighton, MA.

Check out the contamination that this BoilerMag XL has pulled out of a heating system. By installing a BoilerMag you are not only protecting your boiler from contamination build up, but also increasing its efficiency. Thanks Fluid Industrial Associates, INC. for sharing this!

Location: USA

Check out the contamination pulled from this system! Thanks for sharing, Fluid Industrial Associates, INC.

Location: USA

Check out the contamination pulled from this system! Thanks for sharing, Oslin Nation Company.

Location: San Antonio, TX.

Check out this amazing install by The Boilersmith. Thanks for sharing your amazing work!

Location: Watertown, Massachusetts

Look at all that sludge the BoilerMag has collected in just 6 weeks. Thanks, Nick and Damien Ciasullo, from R.D Bitzer Co., Inc. for sharing!

Location: USA

Residential BoilerMag installed by Instagram user

Thanks for sharing, John

Location: New York metropolitan area, USA

Image #2 from Instagram user

Check out the contamination that the BoilerMag residential was able to pull from his system.

Check out this amazing ChillerMag installation done by Master Mechanical

Thanks for sharing, Fourmation Sales!

Location: Minnesota, USA

Another great install from Grand Mechanical Solutions.

Thanks for sharing!

Location: Brantford, ON

Residential BoilerMag installed by Jordan from Goodin Company.

Thanks for sharing, Jordan!

Location: USA

Image #2 from Jordan’s installation.

“The importance of filtration on boiler systems is critical. Even with a flush, BoilerMag protects your heat exchanger from particles.” – Jordan.

Image #3 from Jordan’s Installation.

Check out the amount of contamination the BoilerMag was able to collect.

Check out what this BoilerMag Xl pulled from a seniors residents system. Thanks Optimum Contract Sales for sharing.

Location: Okotoks, Alberta

Why is it important to add a BoilerMag to your system? This photo of the BoilerMag XT says it all- check out that magnetite! Thanks CHC for sharing.

Location: Hayward, California

Check out how much sludge was pulled by the BoilerMag XT in just 18 hours! Thanks for sharing FIA Inc.

Location: Woburn, Massachusetts

Pete Zandstra of Grand Mechanical Solutions is the latest installer to recommend the BoilerMag residential heating system filter.

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Location: Brantford, Ontario

Image #2 from Grand Mechanical Solutions installation.

Image #3 from Grand Mechanical Solutions install.

Check out this great BoilerMag XL install by Matthew Stoves (North of England plumber of the year).

Location: UK

Another great install from Matthew Stoves!

BoilerMag XT

Take a look at these BM/R’s! Installed by Freiner Mechanical. Thanks for sharing your work guys!

Location: Belmont, Massachusetts

Mark Ward, Magnetics Sales director for Eclipse Magnetics installed a BoilerMag Residential in his own home.

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Location: St Catharines, Ontario

Mark cleaning the BoilerMag just three short weeks after installation.

“I want our customers to know that I not only sell the BoilerMag product, but strongly support it.”- Mark Ward