Installation Gallery

Check out the contamination pulled from this system! Thanks for sharing, Oslin Nation Company.

Location: San Antonio, TX.

Check out this amazing install by The Boilersmith. Thanks for sharing your amazing work!

Location: Watertown, Massachusetts

Look at all that sludge the BoilerMag has collected in just 6 weeks. Thanks, Nick and Damien Ciasullo, from R.D Bitzer Co., Inc. for sharing!

Location: USA

Residential BoilerMag installed by Instagram user

Thanks for sharing, John

Location: New York metropolitan area, USA

Image #2 from Instagram user

Check out the contamination that the BoilerMag residential was able to pull from his system.

Check out this amazing ChillerMag installation done by Master Mechanical

Thanks for sharing, Fourmation Sales!

Location: Minnesota, USA

Another great install from Grand Mechanical Solutions.

Thanks for sharing!

Location: Brantford, ON

Residential BoilerMag installed by Jordan from Goodin Company.

Thanks for sharing, Jordan!

Location: USA

Image #2 from Jordan’s installation.

“The importance of filtration on boiler systems is critical. Even with a flush, BoilerMag protects your heat exchanger from particles.” – Jordan.

Image #3 from Jordan’s Installation.

Check out the amount of contamination the BoilerMag was able to collect.

Check out what this BoilerMag Xl pulled from a seniors residents system. Thanks Optimum Contract Sales for sharing.

Location: Okotoks, Alberta

Why is it important to add a BoilerMag to your system? This photo of the BoilerMag XT says it all- check out that magnetite! Thanks CHC for sharing.

Location: Hayward, California

Check out how much sludge was pulled by the BoilerMaag XT in just 18 hours! Thanks for sharing FIA Inc.

Location: Woburn, Massachusetts

Pete Zandstra of Grand Mechanical Solutions is the latest installer to recommend the BoilerMag residential heating system filter.

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Location: Brantford, Ontario

Image #2 from Grand Mechanical Solutions installation.

Image #3 from Grand Mechanical Solutions install.

Check out this great BoilerMag XL install by Matthew Stoves (North of England plumber of the year).

Location: UK

Another great install from Matthew Stoves!

BoilerMag XT

Take a look at these BM/R’s! Installed by Freiner Mechanical. Thanks for sharing your work guys!

Location: Belmont, Massachusetts

Mark Ward, Magnetics Sales director for Eclipse Magnetics installed a BoilerMag Residential in his own home.

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Location: St Catharines, Ontario

Mark cleaning the BoilerMag just three short weeks after installation.

“I want our customers to know that I not only sell the BoilerMag product, but strongly support it.”- Mark Ward