Installation Gallery

Another great install from Grand Mechanical Solutions.

Thanks for sharing!

Location: Brantford, ON

Residential BoilerMag installed by Jordan from Goodin Company.

Thanks for sharing, Jordan!

Location: USA

Image #2 from Jordan’s installation.

“The importance of filtration on boiler systems is critical. Even with a flush, BoilerMag protects your heat exchanger from particles.” – Jordan.

Image #3 from Jordan’s Installation.

Check out the amount of contamination the BoilerMag was able to collect.

Check out what this BoilerMag Xl pulled from a seniors residents system. Thanks Optimum Contract Sales for sharing.

Location: Okotoks, Alberta

Why is it important to add a BoilerMag to your system? This photo of the BoilerMag XT says it all- check out that magnetite! Thanks CHC for sharing.

Location: Hayward, California

Check out how much sludge was pulled by the BoilerMaag XT in just 18 hours! Thanks for sharing FIA Inc.

Location: Woburn, Massachusetts

Pete Zandstra of Grand Mechanical Solutions is the latest installer to recommend the BoilerMag residential heating system filter.

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Location: Brantford, Ontario

Image #2 from Grand Mechanical Solutions installation.

Image #3 from Grand Mechanical Solutions install.

Check out this great BoilerMag XL install by Matthew Stoves (North of England plumber of the year).

Location: UK

Another great install from Matthew Stoves!

BoilerMag XT

Take a look at these BM/R’s! Installed by Freiner Mechanical. Thanks for sharing your work guys!

Location: Belmont, Massachusetts

Mark Ward, Magnetics Sales director for Eclipse Magnetics installed a BoilerMag Residential in his own home.

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Location: St Catharines, Ontario

Mark cleaning the BoilerMag just three short weeks after installation.

“I want our customers to know that I not only sell the BoilerMag product, but strongly support it.”- Mark Ward