BoilerMag Launches CPD Course on Heating System Protection

BoilerMag has launched a Continuing Professional Development CPD course on best practice for heating system protection aimed at industry professionals including architects, specifiers and building consultants. As one of the leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial boiler filters, experts at BoilerMag are available to visit your office to deliver the entry level course, which count towards annual CPD points requirements.

Best Practice for Heating System Protection

The presentation aims to give an explanation of the best practice for heating system protection, including the reasons and causes for protecting a heating system; what methods to use; and what the current regulations are. Sections include; improving heating system efficiency, chemical cleaning and power flushing, and chemical inhibitors. The importance of controlling contamination such as magnetite and scale will be covered, as well as general principles of best practice for heating system protection. The course is approximately 1 hour in length, with additional time allocated for questions and discussion.

BoilerMag CPD Feedback

One of the first CPDs delivered by the BoilerMag team took place at Greenway and Partners Ltd, Consulting Engineers based in Leamington Spa. Associate Director Ian Smith said: “The CPD presentation by BoilerMag was very useful and extremely well thought out. As building service engineers we naturally had a lot of technical questions, which were answered comprehensively and in detail. We fully intend to use the BoilerMag XT Industrial filter for future projects.”

Contribute to Annual CPD Requirements

Sales and Marketing Director Steve McAllorum said: “With a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, the BoilerMag team has comprised a comprehensive CPD course that will develop and enhance the knowledge of professionals on the subject of protection for heating systems. Issues such as energy efficiency and public spending budgets need to be considered, therefore it’s important that people have good awareness of the possible solutions. The course is a great opportunity for industry professionals to contribute to annual CPD requirements and take away valuable information delivered by the experts at BoilerMag.” Following successful completion of the course attendees are presented with a CPD certificate that is recognised industry wide and supported by the CPD certification service

High Performance Magnetic Systems

The Boilermag range is designed and manufactured by Eclipse Magnetics. With over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, Eclipse Magnetics supply critical equipment to some of the leading names in the most demanding industries.

Sign Up for the Heating System Protection CPD Course

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