BoilerMag Range Number 1 Choice for North Yorkshire Plumbing and Heating Engineer

domestic-boiler-filter-installationMatthew Daniels, heating engineer at R Daniels Plumbing and Heating in Guisborough, North Yorkshire, regularly installs a number of products from the BoilerMag range and has been very impressed with the results.

Simple to Install and Maintain

Matthew said: “I have fitted a fair few of the BoilerMag Part L kits now, and I have also used the universal flush adaptor on several occasions. The flush adaptor and the kit work perfectly together, and save me at least an hour of my time when I carry out a power flush or a boiler installation. The BoilerMag domestic heating system filters are so simple to install and maintain, and they clean out with ease too.

Apart from saving Matthew valuable time, he’s also pleased with the BoilerMag Electrolytic Scale Reducer which provides premium protection against limescale by minimising the deposition of limescale deposits, improving the lifespan and efficiency of the boiler.

Number One Choice

Matthew continues: “The BoilerMag Electrolytic Scale Reducer, and the powerful cleaning and inhibitor chemicals from BoilerMag are now my number one choice when I’m carrying out a flush or boiler installation.”

Electrolytic Scale Reducers and Part L Compliance

Part L of the Building Regulations (1/4/14) states that where mains water hardness exceeds 200ppm the water in the hot water circuit must be treated to reduce the rate of limescale deposition and, in doing so, maintain energy efficiency. As specified in the Domestic Services Compliance Guide, an Electrolytic Scale Reducer is the most efficient treatment method. Find out more about the BoilerMag Electrolytic Scale Reducer here.