BoilerMag the Fitting Choice for Gonell Homes

About the Contractor – Gonell Homes

Will Gonell of Gonell Homes is a general contractor located in Toronto, ON. Specializing in exquisite, high-quality interior and exterior home renovations, custom build dream homes, radiant heat work, restoration and more, Gonell Homes is well known for their attention to detail and superior quality craftsmanship. Gonell Homes credits the BoilerMag with helping improve their radiant systems to have efficient and long lasting hot water boilers in the homes that they both build and work on.

Will Gonell previously served in the United States Marine Corps and spent additional time as an officer in the New York City police department before moving to Canada in 2008 to pursuit his passion for high quality home renovations. His past service experience has helped Will develop unmatched skill sets of discipline, accountability and attention to detail that shows greatly in the quality of work that Gonell Homes completes.

Award Winning Work

With customer satisfaction in mind, Gonell has clearly overcome competitors, winning multiple awards such as; CHBA 2017 Custom Builder of the Year, Best American Living Award – Historic Preservation Restoration (Gold), and Best American Living Award – International Housing (Silver).

Words From Will

Gonell Homes has been recently installing the BoilerMag residential magnetic filter and has been impressed by the results. “I can’t tell you guys enough how glad I was to find this product. It started out as a solution to an issue we were having with an existing system. Not only did it solve the problem, but made the equipment function more efficiently. Definitely heaven sent! From there on, it became the standard in any of my mechanical rooms.” – Will Gonell