County Durham Installers Save Hotel Heating Systems with Commercial Boiler Filters

contaminated boilerCounty Durham based MPUK Mechanical Services Ltd has recently installed several BoilerMag XL commercial boiler filters in 2 large hotels in the UK.

At one hotel in York, the company was faced with two four year old 150 kw boilers, one of which had failed completely, and the other extremely inefficient and due to fail imminently. Both boilers were completely full of black sludge that had built up over a number of years as a result of being connected to the old heating system. Two brand new boilers were fitted, including two BoilerMag XLs.

Hotel Boilers Contaminated with Black Sludge

At another hotel in Edinburgh, MPUK again installed a BoilerMag XL on a new 60KW boiler, housed in a boiler room and connected to a towel radiator circuit heating 40 of the hotel’s en-suite bathrooms.

Again, the heating system was heavily contaminated with black sludge and difficult to flush, but the company is confident that the BoilerMag XL filter will prevent contamination in the future, keeping the system free from sludge and working efficiently.

Well Made, Solid Unit

BoilerMag XL install“When I receive plant room drawings or heating alterations, the BoilerMag XL is my filter of choice,” said MPUK Heating and Gas Director Wayne Peel. They are a very well made, solid unit, and you can feel the quality when unpacking them from the box. They are also very straight forward to install and reasonably priced.”

Plumbing and Renewables Director Alex McAlinden added: “I would 100% recommend this product to other installers and to the M&E consultant we work with. The BoilerMag XLs are easy to maintain and give installers and customers the assurance that their plant room boilers will be running at their full capacity under heavy use. We’ll be returning to the York hotel soon for a follow up, so it will be great to go back and see some positive results.”

MPUK Mechanical Services are a recent collaboration between Country Durham based WP Plumbing and Heating and local electrical contractor Jordison Electrical Contractors. The company specialises in plant rooms and commercial heating systems.

Wayne Peel and Alex McAlinden have extensive experience in plumbing and heating; both completing an apprenticeship in heating and ventilation with City & Guilds, and acheiving formal qualifications in LPG, commercial and domestic natural gas, water regulations and hot water systems. Wayne has worked in a variety of domestic and commercial installations including houses, schools, hospitals, universities, ship yards, hotels, retail units, and factories, and Alex shas vast experience in the biomass and renewables sectors.