BoilerMag Magnetic Boiler Filters Welcome New Area Sales Manager

Craig Worth Area Sales Manager magnetic boiler filtersWe are delighted to welcome Craig Worth to the Boilermag team. Craig has joined us as Area Sales Manager covering the East Midlands region.

Experience in the Heating Industry

Craig has a wealth of experience in the heating industry. The son of a heating engineer, it was a natural fit for him to work in the sector selling magnetic boiler filters. Since leaving school in 1987 he has worked with major merchants and manufacturers selling in the main, domestic boilers.

We wish Craig an enjoyable and successful time at Eclipse Magnetics.

Magnetic Boiler Filters

Our tried and trusted patented magnetic technology ensures that virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale is removed on first pass. If you require more information or wish to contact a member of our team, please complete the contact form. Or you can call us on 0114 225 0624 or email us at