Optimum Plumbing & Gas Switch to BoilerMag for Industrial and Commercial Installations

optimum plumbing gasWest Midlands based Optimum Plumbing and Gas has switched to the BoilerMag magnetic boiler filter for industrial and commercial installations. Director Ryan Lester said: “We have installed quite a few different filters in a variety of applications over the years. After coming across a BoilerMag advertisement and being impressed by the features of the product, we decided to try one. It was spot on!”

As a family run business based in Wednesbury offering plumbing, heating and gas services, the majority of their work comes from industrial and commercial installations, services and breakdowns. As the business grows, Optimum Plumbing and Gas are taking on more and more domestic work, and are currently looking at the domestic BoilerMags too.

“We do get asked to install boiler filters in domestic properties,” continues Ryan. “Judging by the success of the Boilermag in our commercial and industrial applications, it makes sense for us to use the domestic version of the product in order to fulfil this need.”

Magnetic Boiler Filter for Commercial and Industrial Applicationscommercial boiler filter

The Commercial BoilerMag XL is ideal for commercial and retail applications as it effectively prevents the build up of ferrous oxide and scale in central heating systems, reducing energy bills and increasing boiler life. Fitting standard 1.5” connections, the BoilerMag XL is easy to install and clean and removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris. The Industrial BoilerMag XT provides protection for industrial heating systems. It is available in the widest range of sizes on the market, suiting sizes up to 12”, and boasts market leading operating pressure up to 12 bar.

The Domestic Heating System Filter by BoilerMag

The BoilerMag domestic heating system filter is ideal for domestic applications. Boasting market leading market leading dirt extraction rates and collection capacity, it has 360 º adjustment, and is available in both 22mm and 28mm. The BoilerMag domestic also comes as part of our part L pack, an off the shelf package that contains everything you need to comply with part L of the latest building regulations.

For more information about the BoilerMag domestic heating system filter, the BoilerMag XL commercial heating system filter, or the BoilerMag XT industrial heating system filter, contact our team on 0114 225 0624 or email us at service@boilermag.com