Electrolytic Scale Reducer (ESR)

Premium Protection Against Limescale

BoilerMag ESR
  • Minimizes limescale deposition
  • Improves boiler efficiency and lifespan
  • Simple installation
  • Fit and forget – zero maintenance
  • 145 psi working pressure
  • One-year replacement guarantee
  • Suitable for 3/4″ NPT pipes


For high performance filtration see the BoilerMag Residential


Why Install an Electrolytic Scale Reducer?

Minimizes limescale deposition – improves boiler efficiency and lifespan

A combination of copper and zinc metals inside the unit emit charged zinc ions when water flows through it. This induces hardness salts to cluster together and therefore pass through heating appliances rather than forming limescale deposits on the heat exchanger or water heating element. This extends the lifespan of the boiler and improves heating efficiency.

ESR Data Sheet