The Simple Solution for Unique Projects

Kenmac Energy, of Prince Edward Island, has been providing exceptional service that Islanders have known and trusted since 1986. After being introduced to BoilerMag by Terry Thibodeau, of Thomas Industrial Sales, they knew that installing a BoilerMag would be the perfect addition to protect newly installed equipment.


The project was a unique challenge at a farm in Cornwall. They converted an open loop system, serving two homes, to a closed loop pressurized system. The old boiler was a 15+ year old barley burner made locally by Vince Court at Grove Wood Heat. The customer said he had very little trouble with the system, but the upkeep and maintenance requirements drove him to look for a modern alternative.

The Project

They installed a Viessmann 200 series wall mounted boiler with a couple of hi-efficiency Wilo circulator pumps. To address any contaminants from the old, open system, they chose a BoilerMag BM/R to trap metal particles and added some water treatment chemicals to protect the new equipment.

Protecting New Systems for Years

After only 6 days of run time on that farm, they were shocked to see how much contamination the BoilerMag was able to capture. This boiler will modulate based on outdoor temperature and demand from the two houses and future workshop, ensuring maximum efficiency for years to come.