An old school house was revitalized with the help of BoilerMag

Grand Mechanical Solutions is the latest installer to recommend a BoilerMag magnetic filter on all of their projects. For more than 12 years, their skilled technicians have serviced the Cambridge, Hamilton, and Brantford areas, with quick and quality installations. Choosing BoilerMag was a no-brainer as it can be installed in minutes and is used to improve the lifespan and efficiency of both new and legacy systems.

Their latest installation was done on an old schoolhouse from the turn of the century, where most of the piping in the system was very old cast iron. Old cast iron pipes are a prime candidate for corrosion and sludge build up. Upon servicing, they confirmed that some of the radiators were filled with sludge and so they drained and flushed the whole system.

The new boiler installed was a fire-tube system. They wanted to protect the internal components and heat exchanger from the risk of contaminants associated with old cast iron pipes. Even though the low loss header already has a magnet built in, they did not feel that it would sufficiently remove the sludge and magnetite that would build up over time from the legacy pipes. The BoilerMag XT was a great addition to the system, providing an extra layer protection and increasing its efficiency. After having flushed the system with the BoilerMag several times since the installation, it still continues to remove debris and protect the system from contaminants that were missed by the standard magnetic filter.