One very happy BoilerMag believer!

A new massive 900 HP Steam Boiler was installed for a local Midwestern Hospital. Jaytech Water Solutions was pleased to provide their expertise on boiler protection after realizing that the piping and radiators were over 50 years old. The accumulating corrosion from the old pipes meant that even a new boiler could be immediately jeopardized without the proper protection. Jaytech recommended installing a BMXT/6 for the hot water condensing boiler system. After realizing the amount of contaminants that are filtered out of the hydronic system each time the unit is serviced, the installer now firmly believes that BoilerMag has their back.

Utilizing its high-performance flow technology, the BoilerMagXT ensures that virtually all debris is removed from the system. With its easy to install and easy to maintain design that helps to maintain optimum heating performance, it’s the ideal solution for those looking to prolong the life and efficiency of commercial heating systems.