Magnetic Boiler Filter Fitted in Crewe Home: Case Study and Testimonial

boiler-filter-installationWest Yorkshire based heating engineers Dynamic Gas Ltd has recently fitted a BoilerMag domestic heating system filter in a residential property in Crewe.

Heating System Clogged with Black Sludge

The task in hand was a straight forward combi boiler swap, but when Dynamic Gas were de-commissioning the old combi boiler, they found the water in the old system to be full of the black sludge type substance known in the industry as magnetite. Under normal circumstances, heating engineers at Dynamic Gas would have carried out a standard chemical flush in keeping with manufacturer’s instructions, but in this case such action would not have been sufficient to clear out the heavy sludge in the system.

Intense Heating System Cleanse

Once Dynamic Gas had made the customer aware of the situation, they proceed to carry out a more intense cleanse on the system. In order to do so, the engineers connected their BoilerMag industrial chemical cleanse magnetic filter, and used the BM3 cleaning chemical to carry out the flush on one radiator at a time. By doing this, the system was fully cleared, enabling Dynamic Gas to protect the new boiler from the very beginning of its life.

Domestic Boiler Filter Installed

Once the intense cleanse was complete, they then fitted a BoilerMag domestic heating system filter on the return pipe under the boiler in order to further maintain and protect the system, as well as using the BoilerMag BM1 inhibitor chemical.

The thorough cleaning of the heating system using the BoilerMag products has ensured that the new boiler has been fitted into a clean system, and therefore the efficiency of the boiler won’t be hindered by a system full of sludge. The installation of the BoilerMag domestic heating system filter will ensure that the new boiler remains efficient by successfully collecting any debris that may circulate within the system, and saving the customer money in the long term.

The customer, Mr John Mahoney from Crewe said: “It’s incredible to think just how much sludge had accumulated in the heating system. I’m really pleased that Dynamic Gas had the foresight to perform a thorough clean of the system before the new boiler was fitted. This, and the addition of the boiler filter, will mean that my boiler should last for years to come and require the minimal amount of maintenance.”

It’s great to receive such positive testimonials from installers and their customers regarding our boiler filters. Our domestic boiler filter provides market leading magnetic performance, with tried and tested magnetic technology ensuring that virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale is removed on first pass. For more information about the BoilerMag range, feel free to contact our team on 0114 225 0624 or email us at