Dynamic Gas Ltd Promotes Energy Efficiency with the BoilerMag Range

dynamic-gasAdding to an ever-growing list of installers who are committed to using the BoilerMag product portfolio are West Yorkshire based heating engineers Dynamic Gas Limited. With the promotion of energy
efficiency high on the company’s agenda, Lee Danysz, Director at Dynamic Gas ensures that the BoilerMag domestic boiler filters are always installed in conjunction with new boiler installations. In addition, Dynamic Gas also uses the BM1 inhibitor and BM3 cleaner chemicals from the BoilerMag range to ensure a premium treatment
for all installations it undertakes.

Extending the Life of Boilers With BoilerMag Domestic Boiler Filters

Lee Danysz, Director at Dynamic Gas Limited said: “Here at Dynamic Gas, we offer 10 and 15 year warranties on our boilers – so naturally we want them to last for many years. High on our list of priorities is the promotion of energy efficiency, therefore BoilerMag is a clear choice for us. We know that we can rest assured that our boilers
are protected for long periods of time and that the boilers we install meet their warranties, as well as operating as energy efficiently as possible.”

Excellent Debris Collection Rate

“There are plenty of filters out there on the market,” explains Lee, “But we made sure that we really did our research before committing to a brand. We didn’t follow the hype, or go with the obvious option; we wanted a boiler filter that truly worked and would reflect the high standards that we endeavour to meet in all areas of our business. After consulting our installers, whose opinion is of the utmost importance as its they who install them, it was a unanimous decision that BoilerMag was the most effective option with regard to its excellent debris collection rates, and the most cost effective option over time.”

World Leaders in Magnetic Technology

“Our installers were also big fans of the ‘easy install’ nature of the unit. The BoilerMag can be installed in just a few minutes, with a simple in-line fit and 360 degree adjustment capability. Not only that, the BoilerMag range has been designed and manufactured by Eclipse Magnetics, who have a reputation for being one of the leading companies in magnetic technology in the world.”