Boilermag Magnetic Filter Gets the Seal of Approval at A Shade Greener

a shade greener magnetic boiler filterThe UK’s leading installer of free solar panel systems and boiler rental schemes is now fitting the UK’s leading magnetic filter as standard on its installations. A Shade Greener – based in South Yorkshire – is committed to using the Boilermag product portfolio.

The Boilermag domestic units are being installed in conjunction with new boiler installations as part of the Everlasting Boilers boiler rental scheme. To ensure a premium treatment package for all installations it undertakes, A Shade Greener is also using BM1 Inhibitor and BM3 Cleaner chemicals from the Boilermag range.

The Promotion of Energy Efficiency

Lee Danysz (pictured), Installation Director at ASG said: “We are all about promoting energy efficiency and as the Everlasting scheme name suggests, we want the boilers we install to last for many years. It was imperative we didn’t just fit any filter in our installation packages – we didn’t want hype or even necessarily the obvious option. We wanted a filter that truly worked so we did our research carefully and we’re convinced that Boilermag offers the most effective option and the most cost effective option over time. With its outstanding debris collection rates, Boilermag was an easy choice for us at the end of the day. We can rest assured our boilers are protected and will continue to operate as energy efficiently as possible.”

World Leading Magnetic Technology Company

But as well as the performance there were other reasons why A Shade Greener plumped for the Boilermag option.

“Our installers had an input to the decision. It’s they who have to install the units and it seemed fair to get their input!” continued Lee. “They liked the ‘easy install’ nature of the unit – it’s a simple in-line fit which can be done in a matter of minutes – with 360 degree adjustment capability. Add to that the fact that Eclipse Magnetics has all the right heritage options as one of the leading companies in magnetic technology in the world and it’s easy to see why we’re happy with Boilermag.”