BoilerMag Protects Heating System of Beamish Museum’s Popular Tea Rooms

The Tea Room at Beamish Museum is the latest high-profile attraction to have its heating system protected with a BoilerMag XT industrial filter. G Roe Heating and Plumbing Services Ltd installed the BoilerMag, as well as three Ideal EvoMax 60kw LPG boilers, in the plant room of the museum’s Co-Operative buildings block, with the greatest demand coming from its popular Tea Rooms.

Located at Beamish, near the town of Stanley in County Durham, Beamish Museum is a world-famous open-air museum telling the story of life in the North East of England during the 1820’s, 1900’s and 1940’s. The new boilers were fitted on a cascade system in order to service the demand of their tea rooms, ensuring they have a reliable supply of hot water should one of the boilers fail for any reason.


Managing Director of G Roe Heating and Plumbing Services Ltd, Greg Roe said: “We consider installing a BoilerMag standard practice when we install any commercial plant, as it helps protect the new boilers during their working life. Although we always flush, clean and chemically treat the water during installation, the BoilerMag offers long term protection against sludge developing in the system. Any build up on sludge can decrease the output and efficiency of the boilers, so the BoilerMag helps the boilers perform efficiently long term. Modern boilers are becoming more compact, so have smaller water ways as a result. A smaller waterway is easier to become blocked, so the BoilerMag offers great peace of mind.”

G Roe Heating and Plumbing Services Ltd decided to install the new boilers after discovering that the existing Hamworthy boilers were out of service, and replacement parts obsolete. The Museum had a boiler on a temporary hire to supply heat and hot water to a large section of the Co-Operative buildings block. The tea room, of course, required a constant and plentiful supply of hot water, therefore a long-term solution was needed. “It is very important to us that our clients get high quality materials and value for money.” continued Greg Roe. “BoilerMag filters are competitively priced and give constant system protection. We’ve never experienced any issues with the BoilerMags we have installed; they are a cost effective and practical solution.”



As a well-established Plumbing and Heating company based in the North East of England, G Roe Heating and Plumbing Services Ltd employ time served engineers with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in both domestic and commercial installation, service and repair. In addition to regularly fitting BoilerMag heating system filters, G Roe Heating and Plumbing Services Ltd also use the BM3 level indicator test strips, which are a fast and accurate way of testing for the concentration of the BoilerMag BM3 cleaner chemical, as well as testing to ensure all cleaner residue has been successfully removed from a system. Greg Roe said: “We find the test strips straight forward to use and we always carry them on the van as stock. We also use the test strips during servicing and routine maintenance.”

The Award-Winning Beamish Museum is a living, working museum that uses its collections to connect with people from all walks of life and tells the story of everyday life in the North East of England. Its 300 acres (120 ha) estate boasts a mixture of translocated, original and replica buildings, a large collection of artefacts, working vehicles and equipment, as well as livestock and costumed interpreters.