Lancashire Care Home Ready for Winter with BoilerMag XL Heating System Filter

The heating system of Ferncross Rest Home in Heysham, Lancashire has been protected with a new boiler and a commercial boiler filter from BoilerMag. Installed by Dave Farrer from Dave A Farrer Ltd Plumbing and Heating, the care home and its residents are now all set for the colder winter months with a protected, efficient and reliable heating system.

Dave Farrer said: “The BoilerMag XL is a perfect match for light commercial jobs such as the Ferncross Rest Home. The filter will continually clean the system water, therefore protecting the new boiler and the heating system as a whole.” The BoilerMag XL prevents the build-up of ferrous oxide and scale in central heating systems, reducing energy bills and increasing boiler life. Featuring high performance dual flow technology, the Boiler Mag XL ensures that virtually 100% of unwanted debris is removed from the system, and comes with a 10 year warranty. “It’s obvious that the BoilerMag XL is made from good quality materials” continues Dave, “We’ve never had any problems or issues. They’re very easy to install, we didn’t even use the instructions because it was all so straight forward. I especially like the secondary gauze filter for particulates. Add in the competitive price and it’s a winning combination.”

Based in Morecambe, Dave A Farrer Ltd Plumbing and Heating specialises in all types of domestic plumbing and heating, including solar, underfloor heating, commercial gas heater/boiler servicing, installation and repair. Established in 1989, the business prides itself on providing a personal touch, excellent quality, and all at a competitive price. Dave said: “We’ve been doing this work for a few decades now so we get to know what products work well and what is good value. Our ethos has always been to fit high quality products to a high standard so that our customers get the best possible, and hopefully fault free service for years to come.”