BoilerMagXT protects newly installed high-efficiency system

Buddy Felt of GEM Mechanical Services, Inc. based in Boston, Massachusetts is the latest installer to recommend the BoilerMagXT heating and cooling system filter.

The project was to replace an aging residential apartment building boiler system with a new high-efficiency one. Until now, the system required re-tubing every couple of years due to the steady buildup of black sludge.

The clear choice 

With years of working alongside Fluid Industrial Associates. Inc. (FIA), a BoilerMag rep in the New England area, installing a BoilerMagXT was a “no-brainer” in order to prevent damage to the newly installed hydronic heating and cooling system. The BoilerMagXT is connected to 6 Lochnivar FTXL 850 Boilers, with an estimated output of 5.1 million BTUs. The cold Massachusetts winters meant that this system was working overtime to provide constant heat to the 15-story residential building.

After only 8 hrs, the BoilerMagXT filtered tremendous amounts of particulates and sludge that were plaguing the system.

“I know the importance of using magnetic filters, especially on high-efficiency systems. When it comes to choosing the right magnet for the job, BoilerMag is the clear choice.”

– Buddy

The best protection for high-efficiency systems 

BoilerMag is recommended by FIA for all of their high-efficiency upgrades. It reduces the working pressure of the system by removing sludge buildup in boilers, pipes, and fittings. Adding a BoilerMag increases the useful lifespan of existing boilers and increases overall efficiency. The no-block design ensures zero blockages no matter the level of filtered contamination.