BoilerMag Protects Colorado Regional Airport

The Grand Junction Regional Airport in Mesa County, Colorado is undergoing massive renovations in order to increase passenger comfort. The terminal, which hasn’t been updated since its original construction in 1982, is receiving two new boilers alongside a host of aesthetic changes. Being the largest and most used airport in western Colorado, it was crucial that the newly installed system be protected.

Taking Preventative Measures

Rich Haack of Cookeys Mechanical installed a BoilerMag XT onto two new Lochinvar FBN1501 boilers. The new heating system will use both fan coil and baseboard heating to keep the terminal at an optimum temperature for passengers and staff. Rich understood that the BoilerMagXT would be “vital to the protection of the new equipment”.

After approximately two weeks of operation, the BoilerMag was serviced for a third time. Even after two full loads of contaminants, the BoilerMag was still filtering particulates from the old system.

The Recommended Choice

Shamrock Sales recommended that Rich use a BoilerMag XT for this application. After more than three years working alongside BoilerMag, they knew that the BoilerMag XT would “provide invaluable protection to the boiler, pumps, and the system’s two and three way valves”. The BoilerMag XT filters out black sludge and other harmful pollutants that would impair new and old systems alike. The BoilerMag XT will help keep this system like-new for years to come.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]