Boilermag Domestic Boiler Filter Product Review


Boilermag Biasi domestic boiler filterFrom Graham Slim at Millbrook Distribution & Spares

Millbrook Distribution & Spares (MDS) are one of the largest independent stockists of spares for heating systems and gas boilers. Graham Slim from MDS Indian recently fitted a Boilermag domestic boiler filter on his own property to test the product – he then posted this blog on the Click on Bathrooms website.

Domestic Boiler Filter Installation

“Yesterday I carried out a refurbishment of my central heating system. I replaced the downstairs radiators for a more stylish product and fitted new thermostatic radiator valves. I also decided to replace my existing magnetic domestic boiler filter. cheap jerseys For sometime now and have been disappointed with the amount of sludge and magnetite being collected.

Although the heating system upgrade was long and hot work, the Boilermag was easily installed. Boilermag domestic boiler filters provide a template and new valves with the kit along with clear instructions which make it easy to install.

Boilermag is a typical central heating system filter but I was impressed with the build quality and the Boilermag has a reassuringly large robust magnet inside with a stainless steel mesh filter EcoBuild to collect ??? non magnetic materials. After making sure that the wholesale mlb jerseys Boilermag was correctly installed (direction of flow is important) I filled and checked all my work for soundness. My central heating system is a large one so I used two Old litres of central heating protector.

Now came the fun part. I heat tested the central heating system for two hours at full temperature and it was a hot summers day so needless to say it was really hot work. Despite the fact that the central heating system was flushed, drained and refilled with fresh water I decided to check the filter. When I removed the magnet housing I was surprised at the level of magnetite material that was collected. The Boilermag was clearly doing a far superior job of system cleansing compared to my original filter.

I replaced the cleaned unit and waited one more hour. Low and behold another load of black sludge. I have to say the Boilermag unit is a really good filter. It is well made, low cost and does a superior job. I have made a note to check the filter a few more times when the heating system is running cheap jerseys from China as normal in the winter to make sure I clean out the last residues of muck. All in all this a great value The product with a superior magnet and internal filter Drums which outperforms its rivals. All Diagram this and a really low price makes this a product which I can recommend with a wholesale mlb jerseys personal warranty of guaranteed satisfaction. The unit I installed was the standard 22mm Boilermag Filter although
Boilermag produce a wide range of units for domestic and commercial central heating”.


A great product at a great price which easily out performs the rest.