The Heating Expert Opts for BoilerMag Boiler Filter


Boilermag Biasi domestic magnetic boiler filterThe Heating Expert Central Heating & Plumbing Services are the latest convert to the Boilermag boiler filter. Before choosing Boilermag, Paul Knight, owner of the Burton-on-Trent company, carried out a step by step Boilermag installation, evaluating the product in the process – the details are below.

Step by Step Boiler Filter Installation

Step 1

Identify a suitable location for the Boilermag.

Paul commented : The Boilermag boiler filter provided us with a full 360 degree adjustment. That means we were able to fit to any angle of pipework – on this installation the pipe was running horizontally.

Our heating engineer also liked the fact that the magnetic filter wholesale NBA jerseys was a fairly compact unit, which was wholesale NFL jerseys ideal for this installation where the boiler was in the downstairs WC.

Step 2

Measuring By the pipe to accommodate Boilermag.

Paul commented: We liked the fact that Boilermag is supplied with a mark-up measuring template, which means we knew we were cutting exactly the right length of pipe. We were able to simply mark the pipework through the slots as shown.

Step 3

Cut the pipe and fit the isolation valves and Weihnachtsapéro seals to both inlet and outlet pipes.

Paul commented: It helped that everything you need is all in one box – no need to buy additional fittings or adaptors – just measure, cut and fit!

Step 4

Fit the port block to the isolation valves then attach the filter body to the port block by hand tightening the locking collar.

Paul: In a tight corner like democratica this, where the pipework was underneath the boiler and close to the gas inlet, we found it useful to be able to fit the port block separately, before adding the filter body. It was useful to simply hand tighten Success the locking collar and adjust to fit the pipe inlet and outlet.

Step 5

Open the isolation valves as shown and turn on the central heating system at normal operating temperature.

Paul commented: It only took us only a few minutes to get to this stage, despite the pipework being in a restricted space – it really is a very easy system to install. We would certainly recommend Boilermag as an easy fit product.

This was a challenging installation as it was in a constrained space with the gas pipe running just above the horizontal heating pipes. However, the adjustment possible with Boilermag boiler filter made it all really easy.

“Fitting Boilermag boiler filter was as easy as Eclipse Magnetics claim,” said Paul Knight. “We liked it that everything is all in one box and the fact it is backed by a full 3 year warranty. This really is a Cleveland Browns jerseys no-hassle product.”