ETNA Magnetics Sales Director supports BoilerMag by installing one in his own home

Mark Ward, the Magnetics Sales Director of Eclipse Magnetics based in Stoney Creek, Ontario is the latest installer of BoilerMag. Having worked for Eclipse Magnetics for over 20 years, Mark is recommending the BoilerMag now more than ever!

Recently, Mark decided to remodel his boiler room, which included installation of new copper piping and all new components. With his extensive knowledge of Magnetics and alongside his dedicated involvement with the BoilerMag product, it was no question that he wanted to install a BoilerMag magnetic filter in his own home.“It’s all in the box and really easy to install, so why not?” said Mark.

Why it’s the recommended choice

“I want our customers to know that I not only sell the BoilerMag product, but strongly support it.”

Just three short weeks after installation, the BoilerMag proved to have a ‘Grudge Against Sludge’. Once Mark opened the BoilerMag, black sludge was all over the magnetic core and residue in the mesh filter. Even with all new piping and components, black sludge and scale is present due to municipal water that is circulating throughout the system.

Opening and cleaning the BoilerMag was a ten-minute job, which Mark appreciated after a long day at work!