Frank P Langley and FIA trust BoilerMag to protect new boiler systems!

Two new Laars Magnathem Firetube 2000MBH boilers in parallel with two Ecocirc XL ECM pumps were installed in an older building dating back to approximately 1948. Since the system piping and radiation is all cast iron, the owner was concerned about damaging the ECM pumps as well as the boilers. To protect their investment, a BoilerMag XT/3 was installed before each boiler pump. For additional protection a y-strainer was also added before each BoilerMag. After two winters of operation, they found that the y-strainers hadn’t captured any debris, so they were removed. The BoilerMags however were collecting almost 100% of the recirculating contamination, keeping the pipework clean and leading to a more efficient system.


Chris Felicetti from Frank P Langley states that “this is a simple device available from 1” NPT to 12” flanged with no moving parts that will protect as well as make the system more efficient”. He is impressed by the product and believes BoilerMag should be installed on all projects.

BoilerMag is recommended by both Frank P Langely and FIA to increase the lifespan of existing boilers and increase overall system efficiency. Installing BoilerMag reduces the working pressure of the system by removing sludge buildup in boilers, pipes, and fittings. The no-block design ensures zero blockages no matter the level of contamination.