Old School Turned New School

Thanks to BoilerMag and Grand Mechanical Solutions

The latest BoilerMag installation was in a school built in the 1960’s which was repurposed as a ministry outreach and daycare.  The original water tube boiler failed and needed to be replaced.  All of the piping in the building is approximately 60 years old and all cast iron, which means that there is always concern for damage to the boiler system and pumps. Three new high efficiency fire tube boilers were installed. To protect the new investment from premature failure, a BoilerMagXT was installed and is now filtering out massive amount of contaminants thus ensuring that the system is running efficiently.

BoilerMag is recommended by Grand Mechanical Solutions to protect new and old systems alike. It reduces the working pressure of the system by removing sludge buildup in boilers, pipes, and fittings. Adding a BoilerMag increases the lifespan of existing Boilers and increases overall system efficiency. The no-block design ensures zero blockages no matter the level of contamination.