West Midlands Installer ‘Extremely Impressed’ with BoilerMag Magnetic Boiler Filter

There’s nothing better than when happy installers contact us to let us know just how satisfied they are with our products. We recently received a great testimonial from Naeem Yousef, a registered domestic, commercial, and commercial catering gas installer about our magnetic boiler filter.

Glowing Testimonial from Yousef Installations

yousef installations boiler filter installerBased in Birmingham in the West Midlands, staff at Yousef Installations have been sharing photos of recent BoilerMag boiler filter installations on Twitter, as well as pictures of their delivery of the BoilerMag flush adaptor, with comments about how much easier life is with the introduction of this new product.

The Best Filters on the Market

The company is also very satisfied with the BoilerMag magnetic boiler filter. Naeem Yousef fromYousef Installations said “Having fitted your BoilerMag for the first time this year I am extremely impressed by the simplicity and ease of installation. No doubt I shall be fitting many more of these in the future. They are competitively priced and quite possibly the best filters on the market.”

Boiler Filter with Market Leading Magnetic Performance

As you can see from the glowing testimonial above, the BoilerMag magnetic boiler filters are being used by happy installers up and down the country. Our domestic boiler filter provides market leading magnetic performance, with tried and tested magnetic technology ensuring that virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale is removed on first pass.

Universal Flush Adaptor Compatible with Leading Manufacturers

boilermag flush adaptorWe’ve also developed a Universal Flush Adaptor that’s compatible with all leading flushing equipment. This is great news for engineers and installers who were limited to using flushing systems that are compatible with a particular brand of boiler filter. BoilerMag’s flush adaptor is fully compatible with all leading flushing equipment.

BoilerMag is a fantastic choice for installers looking for the best boiler filter for the job in hand. We also have a comprehensive selection of system treatment chemicals including a central heating system cleaner and central heating system inhibitor.