BoilerMag Launches Universal Flush Adaptor Compatible with Leading Manufacturers

universal flush adaptorWe are pleased to announce a fantastic new addition to the BoilerMag range of heating system treatment products, including the BoilerMag magnetic filter – the Universal Flush Adaptor attachment. This unique adaptor enables installers to carry out routine system flushes quickly and easily by attaching flushing equipment to the BoilerMag boiler filter, using the filter as the access point.

The Universal Flush Adaptor is compatible with either screw fit or female cam lock hoses, and can be simply attached to the back of the BoilerMag port block in just a few seconds, without fully removing the BoilerMag from the pipework. This allows flushing equipment from other leading manufacturers to be used in conjunction with it.

Fully Compatible with all Leading Flushing Equipment

This is great news for engineers and installers who were limited to using flushing systems that are compatible with a particular brand of boiler filter. BoilerMag’s flush adaptor is fully compatible with all leading flushing equipment. Flushing through a BoilerMag filter is a fast and simple process. The filter does not need to be removed completely from the pipe; the flush adaptor simply attaches to the port block to begin the flushing process. When carried out by a qualified engineer, flushing is an effective way of improving heating efficiency by removing the build-up of iron oxide that can collect in a heating system.

An Innovative New Product

“This innovative product will make a real difference to installers who have existing flush equipment but would prefer a choice of high performance filter options” says Steve McAllorum, Sales & Marketing Director at Eclipse Magnetics. “Installers will no longer be bound by a filter that matches their flushing equipment; the product will enable them to choose the BoilerMag safe in the knowledge that their equipment will be fully compatible.”

The BoilerMag range includes a variety of magnetic heating system filters suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, as well as a full range of chemical treatment products including cleaners and inhibitors.