Protecting old cast iron systems

Pete Zandstra of Grand Mechanical Solutions Inc. based in Brantford, Ontario is the latest installer to recommend the BoilerMag residential heating system filter. As an experienced plumber, Pete is a big fan of BoilerMag and is very happy with its performance in old cast iron systems.

I was introduced to BoilerMag through Jordan at Mckeough Supply in Brantford” said Pete. During a service call at a new house that had two high efficiency condensing boilers, Pete noticed that one of the pumps had failed due to excessive debris in the system. Unaware of what was causing the corrosion in the system but knowing the benefits of BoilerMag magnetic filters, he decided to install a BM/R. Pete knew that in order to prevent premature boiler and pump failure, he needed a BoilerMag.

Taking Preventative Measures

The BM/R was installed on an old cast iron system and after only 18 hours of operation, Pete was shocked by the amount of contamination that was pulled from the system. “I returned within a day or two and was surprised at the amount of metal filings that the BoilerMag had removed. The performance of the BoilerMag is great. This will ensure long operation of the pumps and the boiler. The BoilerMag is a must for old cast systems.” -Pete.

How it Works

The BoilerMag residential heating system filter uses patented magnetic technology that ensures that virtually 100% of iron oxide and scale is removed on the first pass. The filter is designed so that the water is fully exposed to the powerful magnetic rods such that is draws out the iron oxide that collects in the hydronic heating systems. The unit can be installed and cleaned in minutes, making it a popular choice for plumbers such as Pete Zandstra.