Total System Protection

Grand Mechanical Solutions Inc has been providing high quality services, paired with high quality products, in the greater Cambridge, Brantford, and Hamilton areas for over 12 years. No wonder why they rely on BoilerMag BM/R for all of their residential applications.

About the Install

Their latest installation was on an older house in Brantford, Ontario with piping that was almost 100 years old. Old, degraded piping was contributing to contaminants that were reducing the efficiency of the boiler system. Their technicians installed a BoilerMag BM/R and added the BM1 Inhibitor to the residential system. After flushing the system, they noticed increased flow rate and improved heat transfer in the radiators. The picture below shows how much contaminant was captured from the BoilerMag BM/R after 2 system flushes.


Clean and Inhibit

Sludge is formed by a build up of different materials in your piping, such as: loose corrosion products, insoluble mineral precipitate, and oils. The build up of sludge can cause the system to fail. BoilerMag works in tandem with our system chemical solutions in order to clean and inhibit future sludge buildup.

Grand Mechanical Solutions Inc recognizes the high-quality difference a BoilerMag BM/R can make on residential boiler systems. There is no better choice when it comes to protecting and maintaining efficiency in both new and old systems.