Beamish Park Hotel Protects New Boilers with BoilerMag XL Heating System Filter

An independent and family run hotel situated in beautiful countryside just outside the village of Beamish is the latest hotel to protect its heating system and new boilers with a BoilerMag XL. With 42 rooms, the Beamish Park Hotel is adjacent to a golf academy which includes a 9 hole golf course, practice greens and bunkers, and a 20 bay floodlit golf driving range.

As part of an upgrade to the hotel’s heating system, Blaydon based commercial and industrial heating engineering firm Enright Environment Ltd installed a new boiler complete with BoilerMag XL filter. The hotel had had its current boilers for approximately 15 years and they were previously unprotected from contamination. After replacing the boiler, Enright Environment Ltd then installed the commercial boiler filter to protect the heating system and new boiler from contamination.

Onsite installer and Enright Environmental Ltd heating engineer Adrian Mills said: “After replacing the hotel’s boiler, we insisted that it was covered by a BoilerMag. We have done all we can to ensure that this lovely little family owned hotel maintains an efficient heating and hot water system for many years to come. We always protect the equipment we install with a magnetic filter. We’re regular users of BoilerMag products, and we continue to use them with the utmost confidence in their capability of protecting and improving hot water circuits.”

When the boiler that supplied the kitchens and function rooms recently needed to be replaced, Enright Environmental Ltd fitted the new unit with a plate heat exchanger to divorce the boiler from the old heating system. The plate itself, therefore, needed protection from the contamination, and so another BoilerMag was fitted to the return line.

The BoilerMag XL commercial heating system filter is a cost effective option for heating efficiency and boiler protection in commercial, retail, or large residential properties. Compatible with 1 1/2” fittings and pressures up to 12 bar, the BoilerMag XL is easy to install and maintain. Find out more at