BoilerMag- Trusted by Professionals

Andrew Smith, of The BoilerSmith, has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout Eastern Massachusetts and the Boston area for the last four years. Being no stranger to BoilerMag, he knew that to ensure efficiency and to expand the lifetime of any system, installing a BoilerMag is crucial. “For me, the BoilerMag system filter is an absolute no-brainer. I don’t even add them as an option anymore, they are just standard equipment on all of my High Efficiency Boiler quotes”- Andrew

The Project

The install was for a single-family boiler replacement. They replaced a 25-year boiler with a new Lochinvar Noble boiler and kept the old radiators in place. They wanted to protect the heat exchanger from the old steel contaminants. After approximately 10 months of operation, the BoilerMag was serviced for the first time. Andrew was amazed with how much contamination the BoilerMag was able to collect. “The best part of the BoilerMag is that cleaning out the filter takes just minutes and I am always shocked to see what the magnet stops from entering the boiler.”

Words from Andrew

The BoilerSmith specializes in the maintenance of high efficiency boilers and is dedicated to giving fast, friendly, and reliable service. “At The BoilerSmith, my focus is on the operation and maintenance of High Efficiency Boilers. The BoilerMag magnetic system filter is perfect for protecting the narrow passageways in the heat exchanger and removing the contaminants from the lifeblood of the heating system. The actual boiler water is often an afterthought in a heating system but maintaining the water quality is just as important as cleaning the combustion side of the boiler.”