BoilerMag BM/R: Even cleans up after the clean

Verne Simmonds Co., a BoilerMag representative based in Omaha, Nebraska installed a BoilerMag BM/R onto their own existing heating system! They knew that a BoilerMag BM/R would provide the Ultimate Filtration Solution.

As part of their cleaning procedures, they used a BM3 cleaner while letting the system run continuously for 5 days with all control valves open. The system piping was then thoroughly flushed with city water for several hours using a BoilerMag Flush Adapter.

After the flush was complete, a BM1 inhibitor was added and the system pump for run for 5 days. Finally, the system was ready for normal operations. Just before operations commenced, the BoilerMag BM/R was pulled for inspection. Below shows how much sludge was pulled from a freshly cleaned, flushed, and inhibited system with less than a week of circulation.

Verne Simmons Co. knows firsthand, that adding a BoilerMag increases the useful lifespan of existing boilers and increases overall efficiency. The no-block design ensures zero blockages no matter the level of filtered contamination. If you’re in Nebraska, Iowa, or South Dakota and are looking to protect your hydronic system, contact Verne Simmonds Co. today!