BoilerMag- Trusted by the Best

Anthony Mound of Mound Mechanical based in Quincy, Massachusetts is the latest installer to recommend the BoilerMag residential heating system filter. After being introduced to BoilerMag through Republic Plumbing Supply, Mound Mechanical became a BoilerMag believer, including it on all their high efficiency installs. “We believe it should be a standard on all high efficiency equipment.”- Anthony

The Ultimate System Protection

The install was placed on a forced hot water radiator system, consisting of two wall hung Lochinvar Noble Combi boilers with an indirect fired storage tank, and a BoilerMag full flow residential filter. As an experienced plumber, Anthony knows first hand the damage that contaminants can do circulating through a system “I added the filter to protect the boiler from the old metals and anything in the system that can harm the boiler”

How it Works

The BoilerMag residential heating system filter uses patented magnetic technology that ensures that virtually 100% of iron oxide and scale is removed on the first pass. The filter is designed so that the water is fully exposed to the powerful magnetic rods such that is draws out the iron oxide that collects in the hydronic heating systems. The unit can be installed and cleaned in minutes, making it a popular choice for plumbers such as Anthony Mound.