BoilerMag- The Right Fit!

An Instant Connection

Jay Wynder, a Journeyman plumber & gas fitter from Southern Alberta, knows firsthand the importance of using a BoilerMag magnetic filter. After seeing one installed on a local wholesaler’s show boiler, he knew that he should start including them on his own installations. With the ability to be installed and cleaned in minutes, BoilerMag was the perfect solution for a busy plumber.

The Project

A slab heating system in Raymond, Alberta was Jay’s latest project. He used an NTI FTV110c boiler tied into a 40 gallon indirect tank to provide radiant floor heating, just in time for winter! Jay was able to quickly and easily install his first BoilerMag BM/R that would protect and improve the lifespan of his work.

Seeing is Believing

After only two weeks of operation, Jay was shocked to see the level on contamination the BoilerMag was able to collect. “I love BoilerMag! This was a brand-new install and the amount of sediment and impurities pulled from the water was crazy”-Jay.

Boilermag BM/R is a crucial component for protecting and increasing the longevity of any residential system. The no-block design ensures zero blockages no matter the level of filtered contamination.