Facts About Eclipse Magnetics

Our magnets operate critical equipment on the world’s most advanced combat aircraft
Our advanced magnet assemblies are widely used in the aerospace sector for a range of switches, actuators, pump, instrumentation and sensor applications.

Our magnets ensure over 22,000 tons of crystal sugar every day are protected from ferrous contamination
Our high intensity magnetic separation systems are widely used in sugar processing factories worldwide to extract any fine ferrous particles which may have entered the process.

Our magnets ensure ultra-efficiency of millions of litres of aviation fuel each week
Our high performance filtration systems extract sub-micron contamination particles from aviation fuel ensuring optimum fuel performance.

Our magnets are used in over a 1000 UK supermarkets
Our neodymium magnetic assemblies are widely used in the retail sector for point of sale display materials.

We offer 127 different grades of Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnetic material
We offer a market leading range of materials plus almost 50 different options for coatings or surface finishes.

Our magnets protect over 5 million loaves of bread each day from ferrous contamination
Our high intensity magnetic separation and metal detection systems are commonplace in bakeries and ingredient manufacturers to extract the finest ferrous particles.

We have been producing magnets for over 100 years
We began producing magnets in 1914 for engine parts in WW1, Eclipse Magnetics is now the most recognized magnet brand in the world.