• “BoilerMag is a vital part to any mechanical room”

    Samtech Mechanical Services
    Will Gonell, Gonell Homes
  • “Since fitting a Boilermag we have seen great improvements in heating performance, we would recommend fitting a good quality magnetic filter on all heating systems”

    Gartnavel Royal Hospital
    Nicol Leishman, Site Engineer
  • “We will definitely be using Boilermag again, it was easy to install and the results ere immediately visible to the homeowner”

    BPEC Gas Assessor at Swindon College
    Allan Chambers
  • “Boilermag is second to none and saved us a bundle of time with its ease of installation”

    LJR Heating Services
    Jonathan Rees
  • “Boilermag is a crucial element in maintaining our optimum heating efficiency, it also provides excellent protection for our heating system components”

    Sheffield Northern General Hospital
    Engineering Manager